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helper – No public logging – Meeting logs - KABpxi VBienvenue sur le canal de la Wikiquote francophone : https://fr.– Le recueil de 31 000 citations dans plus de 8 000 articles !

N'hésitez pas à contacter un administrateur local (précédé d'un @) ou global (précédé d'un ) si vous avez besoin d'aide.

v=cr PNf BKFWX8Currently a recent changes channel for a bot that will send messages to assist administrators and users.

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y coordinación de los wikiproyectos correspondientes: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/j2a Qlcm48w - Diviértete con Wikidata Game: - Propuesta de diseño para Wikidata: https:// UI_redesign_input Bienvenido/a al canal de Wikiproyectos de Wikipedia en español· Canal para uso de los wikiproyectos que deseen celebrar encuentros puntuales, que no requieran un canal propio o que estén evaluando la conveniencia de crearlo· Info: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia: Wikiproyectos · Canal principal de Wikipedia en español: #wikipedia-es Discussion of translatewiki.net; internationalization of Media Wiki software; Translate extension and other localisation extensions support for devs, translation admins and users. Home for the community for technical support, development and other discussions on wiki bots, wiki templates, mediawiki software and other software used by the Wikimedia community (see also Tech).Here wikimedians can also check, ask, report technical problems or issues and sysadmins will see. instead for a full feed from all repositories, including Phabricator updates. (Formerly, it was the channel of the software development team at the Wikimedia Foundation, originally renamed from #wikipedia_usability.)Team Practices Group channel for anyone to discuss engineering/product development practices, processes, philosophy, theory, etc, as it pertains to Wikimedia and beyond.Also used for Team Practices Group team coordination/conversation. The following channels are for discussion of specific tools developed (or under development) for use on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.Live feed of abuse filter matches – Interface: Abuse Filter – Watch for false positive reports: Abuse_filter/False_positives – Bot status: Up Welcome to the IRC channel for the dispute resolution noticeboard – Need help, guidance or have a question? Login: .ly/z9ktq L Request Account: .ly/w90g Ml – Contact the Devs at [email protected]– Please note tool access is only open to active English Wikipedia Administrators. Canal principal de Wikipedia en español - Info: WP: IRC - Peticiones a bibliotecarios: !biblio · en privado: #wikipedia-es-biblios - Ayuda: #wikimedia-ayuda - Otros: #wikipedia-es-tecnica · #wikimedia-social-es · #cvn-wp-es · #wikipedia-es-abusos · uso intensivo: #wikipedia-es-bots Canal de concursos de Wikipedia en español, usado para la coordinación de los organizadores y la atención a los participantes · Portal: WP: L · Canal principal de Wikipedia en español: #wikipedia-es Atención, canal registrado:

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You all going to have to break some serious bread to Join. MEMBERS: We will still be updating our MEMBERS AREA EVERY WEEK during the holiday season with new shit you all never seen before.

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He is a member of the board of directors of the Conscious Capitalism Institute, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation and is a Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Texas. Judy GSD&M’s resident sage, bestowing words of wisdom when we need them most.

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As they were successful in these endeavours long before ATSIC and they simply carried on after ATSIC was established. Take Murri Mura, a large and very valuable rental property in South Brisbane for instance, the Board that legally owned it, refused to deal with or accept money from ATSIC to run the place. ) With the dismantling of the Aboriginal Development Corporation, much properties and infrastructures, unknown to the general public or discussed, was passed on privately, and to Boards of Organisations. Including monies advanced to staff and management, and unsecured loans. Almost 100% of Prominent and or Successful Aboriginal People including Sports-People and Academics are married to non-Aboriginal or have White Partners. Our Ancestors had no Desire or Reason to broaden their views or experience outside this continent. What's happening today is simply a continuation of this. We would certainly desire, expect, and even demand what they have.! (.20 a day) As everyone here gets A a day minimum on the dole. (Murri Country radio is considered to be owned by One Family, in Brisbane. Also, inquiring about an email, I was informed that the person couldn't receive it because the interview was in progress and it would have to wait until it was over.! (I thought) but said very politely, as I always do when I have occasion to ring, 3892 0100(fax-0101) But honey, this needs to be in there now with the guest, as I need a response or view now, while they are on air.! Food-vouchers food parcels and clothing from Centacare. Yet with a High Standard of Cleanliness, Honesty, Independence and above all, Optimism and Pride. The next part where they lived on the land that they Reclaimed from swamps on the outskirts of the City. Crime was rampant with even kids selling drugs amongst other things. And the Violence towards each other was comparable to what was reported to have happened in Yuendamu and other remote communities, but not much reported on. So,not only is it a family project, but the GAMMON Factor or MISLEADING, has already been established !!